How will Lexplore help inform your business?


How will Lexplore help inform your business?

Lex Energy Founders Phil Argo, Elaine Benton and Calum Crighton sit down to explain how Lexplore will provide straight-forward and practical legal advice for businesses covering the topics that matter.

Phil –"Lexplore is about making the complex seem simple for businesses"

I want Lexplore to reflect our mantra, which is to highlight legal problems (complex or otherwise) encountered by business and break them down into clear component parts so they are more easily understood by those who could be affected by them. Hopefully this will help business owners/employees develop an awareness and appreciation of those problems. After all, you can only effectively avoid or manage a problem if you are aware of it and the risk it poses.

Elaine –"It’s getting across the importance of what we do"

Lack of awareness of day-to-day legal and commercial business risks often exists because people expect these matters to be addressed by lawyers only. Basic knowledge is attainable by all, if clear and concise explanations are given. Whether the risk is inadvertently entering a contract or missing process deadlines, training shouldn’t only follow a crisis. I hope the Lexplore articles will increase basic knowledge and awareness of these business risks and keep business owners/employees alive to such risks.

Calum –"Simply giving practical advice to businesses"

I just want to cut through a lot of the noise that exists and provide clarity for businesses. I’m especially thinking about the start-up and small companies agreeing their first service contract or getting their first PO. They are an important part of any sector but are often unsure, certainly in terms of contract review, when they should stand their ground.

We all want to keep asking the right questions so please get in contact with us to add a question or topic to the list,

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Phil, Elaine and Calum,


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