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Lex Energy is different. We are highly experienced in-house energy lawyers. We are a legal consultancy with in-depth knowledge of all sectors and phases of the energy industry.

For energy businesses, looking to proactively mitigate legal and business risks without the commercial waste, LEX Energy provides focused legal services built around your individual needs. With our pragmatic, fit-for-purpose approach and flexible commercial arrangements, we give your business access to a highly experienced legal team without the spiralling overhead.


Regardless of the engagement model and the size of your business, all LEX customers benefit from a highly experienced team, with proven successes working alongside private equity, blue chip and small private organisations.

LEX only engages senior industry lawyers, giving you the reassurance that your legal provider will deliver a robust and reliable service.

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Leaning on our industry experience, we are confident that our team can deliver a level of service and knowledge that rivals that of the traditional legal offering, at a more financially accessible level.


We are experienced in all aspects of upstream and midstream business.

Our experience covers the drafting, reviewing and negotiating of all types of legal and commercial agreements, whether bespoke or industry standards and includes those listed here:

including SPA, Farm-in, Farm-out Agreements, Licence Assignments, Novation Agreements, Master Deed
including Study and FEED Agreements, CTIAs, TPOSAs, TAs, Pipeline Crossing and Proximity Agreements, Contracts of Affreightment, Lifting Agreements, Product Sales Agreements
including Duty Holder, Operator Support
including Lease and Operate Agreements, Bareboat Charter, Construction Contracts
including Drilling, EPICs, IRM, R&D, Marine Construction, On and Offshore Services, Well Services, Vessel Contracts

We are experienced in providing all types of legal and commercial support to service companies of all tiers.

Our experience covers the drafting, reviewing and negotiating of bespoke and industry standard contracts (e.g. LOGIC, FIDIC and BIMCO), including those listed here:


It couldn’t be easier to find out how we can deliver value-for-money for your business.

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